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Maine West Drama offers an array of opportunities for students interested in performance, design and leadership.  Although most enter our program with little to no experience, we train them to embrace creative risk, find their voice and communicate with confidence; skills that will take them far beyond the Maine West stage.


We welcome students from all backgrounds and respect the rich diversity of their experiences and perspectives. Through rigorous training, and a spirit of collaboration, our students produce compelling works of art that move audiences to think, feel, and re-imagine the world as they know it.

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No experience? No worries! If you're interested in exploring acting, singing and or dancing on stage, check out all the opportunities we offer!


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If you like drama games, meeting new people and want to help support our productions, check out Drama Club and Thespian Honors Society

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Want to learn more about storytelling behind the scenes? We offer hands on-experience with building sets, hanging lights, designing sound, creating costumes and much much more! Become a skilled theatre technician; click below!

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If you want to learn how to think quickly on your feet and enjoy taking creative risks, check out "Improv Warriors"!

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If you're interested in learning how to lead other students through the creative process, check out our student leadership opportunities!